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I'm Back

2009-11-16 04:21:28 by MadDogga

I'm back, this time as a music producer, instead of a programmer

Rpg Maker

2009-10-10 01:48:46 by MadDogga

Well lately I haven't been bothered making flash games and just gone bak to making good old rpg maker made games as it is much easier....I probably wont go bak to flash for a while now as NG is spam infested and i'm now making rpg games and submitting them to another site where it has very little spam and very good feedback.....well laterz

Quit my Job 2day

2009-08-31 04:50:09 by MadDogga

Woo...Finally! the manager at my job at kfc has been giving me the shits 4 ages and now I stood up and told him I wasn't going to work 2night and that I quit...He wasn't happy...he called me a cheeky bastard lol....
P.S On another note I may be making a full rpg flash game soon :) If you want to be a part of it let me know.

I was wondering....I have figured out how to make a pretty good upload feature in flash games so that people that play your game can upload their own ("Music,images etc") into your game when they're playing.
My question is would anyone like me to make a tutorial on how to make this upload feature for flash games?
If you do i'll get to work on the tutorial straight away and you'll see a submittion of my tutorial asap.
~Cheers MadDogga

Using flash to make msn emoticons....Well its gr8 I absolutely love it....did anyone else know u could? Its So cool...

Using flash to make msn emoticons....

I am a flash game programmer and I am happy to do any AS needed in any flash games as long as these conditions are met:
1. It is a worthwile game
2. I don't need to do any artwork and the artist can do it all
3. I get something out of it /or if your an artist you do some art in my games.....
That is all......Note they may change if I have anymore that I absolutely need to put in

ALL MY GAMES ON KONGREGATE GOT DELETED!!!! IT WAS ALL BECAUSE SOME PERSON PLAYED MY WRECKAGE BALL GAME AND HAD A CRY TO AN ADMIN THAT IT HAD MUSIC ON IT SUCH AS WHO LET THE DOGS OUT.......HE SAID THAT I COULDN'T PUT MUSIC IN IT THAT I DIDN'T HAVE PERMISSION TO BUT I keep asking myself......What about the games on xbox 360 and the such that you can put your own music in the game and listen to it....(Real music by real artists not just tunes).....I mean come on nobody but him cared.......Damn now I lost all $1 of ad revenue that i'd made.....argggggg oh well......Now I'm Newgrounds all the way besides the people are a lot nicer here.
I'm deleting my kongregate account. Long Live Newgrounds!!!


2009-07-06 07:06:55 by MadDogga

I would like to know if there's anyway to make in a game that if the user clicks on a button it allows them to put their own items into the game....E.g such as their own music ("Thats what I wan't to make anyway") If anyone knows plz tell me and I will properly credit you in this game I am making.

Wreckage Ball V2

2009-07-03 02:35:42 by MadDogga

Wreckage Ball V2 Is going awesome and is expected to be done by the end of the holidays....It is already soooo much better than my previous version ("Added save feature, Added levels, Added cash(No shop yet though), Added more pokemon to kill and more!")
Now I have to make myself really clear!!!!!! I have absolutely nothing against the characters in this game I just think it would be fun to kill characters from others games (Like Sonic, Pokemon, Mario/Luigi, The Simpsons and some other ones)

If you would like to suggest any characters to put in let me know ASAP or else I won't have enough levels to put them in.

I'll PM anyone who wants me to once V2 is done.


2009-07-01 03:15:49 by MadDogga

I'm not retyping what I said before in the forum so here's the link 76980